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My art passion began when I was child; I was always doodling. Those doodles started to become images of a self-taught artist. Later I started to take painting seriously when I was a young mom raising three active daughters.  I would stay up very late at night painting at the kitchen table. This natural interest quickly evolved into a mural business as I received requests from friends and family for paintings.  After these initial works I painted in homes and businesses, working on many children's scenes, florals, borders or images to match home decor.  Over the past few years I have been able to expand the business to include more fine art paintings in oils and acrylics. I am now taking orders from clients to create pieces that are very personal to them.  Some originals and prints of landscapes, homes, or my favorite places (which may be some of yours too) are also available.

About Jessica

About Lertora Art

Jessica Lertora Art has one thing in mind, YOU!  I love nothing more than seeing you, my customer, smile as you receive your very own personalized artwork.  It is very exciting to me to bring your ideas to life with a special painting!  Let your imagination soar, because with paint, almost anything is possible.  Contact me with your idea, and by combining your thoughts with my hands and creativity, together we can make a family heirloom.

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